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Episode 3: An Eye for A.I.

Season 1 | Episode 2: Taking Care of Business

Get the latest intel as we investigate the worlds of GeoAI and ArcGIS Enterprise 

Don't miss out on this exciting episode all about the future of location intelligence!  First, we explore the cutting-edge world of GeoAI that is revolutionizing geospatial analysis with Esri Canada’s Genevieve George. Then we dive into the newest features and enhancements in ArcGIS Enterprise 11.1 with Michelle Brake, our resident enterprise GeoGeek.  

What's Making Us Mappy 

Our hosts share one cool thing that is catching their eye in the world of ArcGIS.  

Maggie shouts out another cool new feature of ArcGIS Pro 3.1 – showing zoomed-in details with the Magnifier window

Mark discusses discussions, the latest capability of ArcGIS Hub to facilitate private content-based conversations within groups. 

Inside the Arc 

Feature interview that takes our audience inside an Esri product or capability.  

Artificial intelligence is changing the way we approach geospatial analysis, and GeoAI is at the forefront of this transformation. In this episode, we'll be joined by a product expert who will explore what GeoAI is and empower you to give it a go. From advanced image classification to predictive modeling, learn how ArcGIS and GeoAI is revolutionizing geospatial analysis in the age of AI. 

Guest: Genevieve George, Technical Solutions Specialist at Esri Canada (LinkedIn)  

Seminar: Deep Learning in ArcGIS Pro 


Rotation of Esri Canada panelists share what's new in ArcGIS technology.  

Get ready to geek out with our ArcGIS Enterprise pro as we chat about the latest and greatest in ArcGIS Enterprise 11.1. From improved scalability and performance to new security features and enhanced analytics capabilities, we'll explore how the latest version of ArcGIS Enterprise empowers organizations to unlock the full potential of their geospatial data.    

Guest: Michelle Brake, Enterprise Solutions Specialist for Esri Canada (LinkedIn

Webinar:  Administering and Monitoring Your ArcGIS Organization 

M versus M 

Our hosts quiz each other about all things ArcGIS and GIS.  

We crack open the GIS Dictionary for this MvM. Mark tests Maggie and Michelle to see who is on their A-game.  

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