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Using GIS to Streamline Collaboration with Key Stakeholders at Toronto Water

August 12, 2020

In our modern world utilities need precise information about the location of their assets, their status, and how each distinct piece of infrastructure relates to one another. Utilities must also know how these assets and the activities associated with managing them intersect with the operations and assets of 3rd party organizations, such as transit systems, other utilities, and the construction industry in general. In short, it is crucial that utilities and other municipal services are able to collaborate effectively and efficiently with both internal and outside stakeholders. This webinar will demonstrate how Toronto Water successfully leveraged the ArcGIS Platform to streamline collaboration between departments and with the regional transit agency Metrolinx during the construction of a major Light Rapid Transit corridor in the City of Toronto. At a higher level, we will also explore the history of GIS at Toronto Water and its critical role within the organization’s 2020-2030 strategic plan.

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