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Why use GIS for community safety | Fire and emergency services

Discover how Esri’s GIS technology helped this fire department reduce service calls. The Georgina Fire and Rescue Services Department (Georgina Fire) significantly reduced open-air burning incidents by using spatial analytics to identify areas where the most incidents were taking place. They then brought a community education program to these high-priority areas, reducing the number of service calls. Now, Georgina Fire can run more efficiently. Georgina Fire leverages GIS technology to understand the “where” of their fire rescue operations and unlock new insights about their community. Explore more ways Esri Canada is helping fire, rescue and emergency services to help people better and faster: #EsriCanada #GIS #EmergencyManagement #FireRescue #PublicSafety #CommunityEducation Stay tuned for more geospatial insights, tech tips and GIS breakthroughs by subscribing to our channel.