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Unlock the power of geodatabase versioning

Summer vacations are coming fast! Don’t lock in your vacation. Use versioning in ArcGIS to plan different vacation paths for your data!

Versioning allows you to enable multiuser editing scenarios. Learn how to bypass locks and single-user editing in a geodatabase and implement the two types of versioning a geodatabase has to offer. Traditional versioning allows you to work in long editing scenarios when accessing an enterprise geodatabase directly. Branch versioning allows multiuser editing through the Web GIS model via feature services. Learn how to manage your versions, resolve conflicts, create replicas and more.

Here's a quick video on how to edit branch versioned data:

If you’ve got multiple users working on a project at once and you’d like to learn more about branch versioning, consider our course Configuring Branch Versioning in ArcGIS. If you’d prefer to learn about traditional versioning, try our instructor-led course Implementing Versioned Workflows in a Multiuser Geodatabase instead.

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