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Nova Scotia Election Map

View the results of the latest Nova Scotia election with our interactive map.

Nova Scotia had a general election yesterday and we’ve put together an interactive map that shows the results and compares them to the results from the previous election in 2009. The New Democrats won the 2009 election and, for the first time in the history of Nova Scotia, formed the government. In yesterday’s election, it was the Liberals who came out on top. Compare the results of the two elections and see who won each riding.

Nova Scotia Elections Map

About the Author

Paul Heersink is a cartographer and Production Manager of Esri Canada’s Community Maps Program: an initiative that is aiming to build a seamless topographic basemap using contributor data. He has over 15 years of cartographic experience, working in both the public and private sectors. Paul has always been interested in mapping and drew his own atlas at the age of 10. He took a detour in his career through the fields of psychology and social work before returning to cartography.

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