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News Roundup — February 2019

What is our App of the Month? Why is ArcGIS the ideal platform for data collection and asset management? Find out these and more in the February News Roundup.

Feature Stories

February's App of the Month: Alberta's Bio-Resource Information Management System (BRIMS)

As your organization’s collected data begins to grow, thinking of ways to share and leverage these datasets can be tricky. You’ll want it to be conveniently accessible and user-friendly, and you also need to ensure that your GIS platform can perform well especially when processing large datasets. For February’s App of the Month, let’s take a look at how Silvacom and Alberta Innovates came together to build a one-stop app for the province’s biomass, ecosystem services and land-use data.

Why ArcGIS is the ideal platform for data collection and asset management

In the past few years, the ArcGIS platform has become a standard for collaborative solutions. With these integrated tools, you can share information, collect data and even manage assets. Whether you are working on an internal project with your colleagues or an external project in collaboration with other organizations, the idea of this blog is to show you how ArcGIS can help you at different levels, be it simple data collection or to integrate management of your assets.

4 resources that will make your transition to ArcGIS Pro a success

If you’re an ArcMap user, you must be aware by now that you will need to transition to ArcGIS Pro at some point in the future. We have many solutions to support your organization in this process. Wondering where to find helpful resources to guide you through the transition? Read this blog post for a summary of training resources that are available to you for free or for a fee, and where to find them.

Esri News

2019 Esri Federal GIS Conference Highlights
January 31, 2019

Esri Releases New Updates to ArcGIS Pro 2.3
January 30, 2019

Esri Federal GIS Conference Spotlights the Future of Geospatial Infrastructure
January 29, 2019

Esri Helps Government Agencies Meet New Open Data Law Requirements, Using ArcGIS Hub
January 29,2019

Esri Publishes Second Edition of Getting to Know ArcGIS Pro
January 24,2019

Esri Relaunches ArcGIS For Developers
January 16,2019


ArcNorth News: Sustaining Canada’s Forests Using Spatial Analytics

ArcNorth News is Esri Canada’s digital magazine covering Canadian GIS successes using Esri technology. How can spatial analytics help Canadian forest industry meet increasing demand for wood products and yet, support sustainability of the wide range of values that our massive forests provide? In this article, Forsite shares its experience of more than 30 years of leveraging GIS for effective and sustainable forest management.

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WhereNext Magazine: Halo Forecasting with AI: A Major Leap in Retail Planning

WhereNext is Esri’s digital magazine for business leaders. In this article, a long-coveted forecast comes to life for retailers, using AI and the geospatial cloud to predict brick and mortar and online sales.

Esri & The Science of Where Podcast: Tapping into the Business Value of Imagery and Geospatial Information

The goal of the series is to help executives and leaders in industry and government understand how modern GIS technology enables digital transformation and drives growth. In this podcast, hear Lawrie Jordan, Director of Imagery and Remote Sensing at Esri, explain how imagery brings efficiency and productivity to business and government.


Operation Blue Roof: Real-Time Disaster Response

See how the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers leverages ArcGIS GeoEvent Server in disaster recovery situations, connecting engineers, homeowners, contractors and government agencies with a real-time GIS system, enabling everyone access to important data, while protecting personally identifiable information – until properties feel like home again.

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