February 29, 2016

Products: Assessment Analyst®

Looking to achieve greater insights into property and buildings that traditional assessment techniques can’t deliver?

Build and edit building sketches directly in a GIS environment with GeoSketch—a geospatial geometry editing environment within Assessment Analyst® that enables users to sketch and edit buildings and other structures directly on a map. Through sketch verification by GeoSketch, building sketches can be compared with aerial photography to check for anomalies and spot new construction or other changes that could be constructed without a permit.

Assessment Analyst 3D

View a complete, realistic picture of buildings using Assessment Analyst 3D—the world’s first geospatial 3D...

Ville de Trois Rivières streamlines property assessment
Ville de Trois Rivières streamlines property assessment

With a population of just over 130,000, Trois-Rivières is considered the economic hub of the Mauricie regio...

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