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Survey: What is the future of the workplace?

BOMA Canada and Esri Canada recently partnered together to launch a survey on navigating the future of the workplace. Responses identified a growing preference for real-time monitoring of indoor spaces.

The survey reflects the latest views from some of Canada's asset managers, property managers and building operators. Of the more than 200 respondents, at least half are responsible for more than a million square feet and represent companies with more than 50 buildings in their respective portfolios.

Key takeaways from the survey:

  • 42% of respondents say real-time operational awareness of spaces and building conditions is important to them.
    Interactive, real-time maps have largely focused on the outside world, but the indoor component is the next frontier. The changes inside a building due to renovations are happening much faster than the changes happening outside the building.
  • 67% of respondents say they currently find helping people get around properties somewhat challenging.
    There is reason to believe this challenge will continue to grow due to the increasingly dynamic nature of office space planning and usage.
  • 71% of respondents say they need real-time location monitoring of people and movable assets like maintenance or IT equipment.
    An office space is not necessarily the same space you go to everyday. It could be a different building or room. Government and school campuses are good examples of this. Employers need to understand how many people are using the space to know how to optimize their footprint.

Click here to access the full report.