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GIS: From Awe to Action - Indigenous Stewardship - Anishinabek Nation

Explore how Anishinabek Nation uses geographic information system (GIS) technology to empower Indigenous communities and shape mining stewardship. Join us for an insightful journey featuring Jenny Campbell, a Policy Analyst deeply involved in community development and mining resource management. Discover how GIS solutions like the Mining Information application using Esri ArcGIS, StoryMaps, and Survey123 are revolutionizing the way Indigenous communities engage with mining processes. Gain valuable insights into how these tools enhance visibility into mining claims and facilitate informed planning for sustainable outcomes. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Anishinabek Nation for allowing us to share this impactful story. Chi-miigwech for the opportunity to collaborate and showcase the transformative power of GIS for generations to come.

0:00 Introduction to mapping, Jenny’s personal and professional mining expertise

1:01 Utilizing GIS tools for Indigenous communities

1:28 Exploring the Mining Activities Database

2:19 Educating and building relationships

2:57 Empowering communities with GIS

3:15 Impactful feedback and acknowledgment

3:34 Reflection on GIS impact and future endeavours


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