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Introducing the new Esri Support App - Canada

We recognize that our users need access to technical documentation, authoritative help resources and technical support services while on the go. The new Esri Support App – Canada is your hub for all Esri Canada self-help resources and support case management needs.

Esri Canada is introducing the new Esri Support App - Canada to help users get expert assistance and convenient answers on the go. The mobile application, available in both English and French for Android and iOS, provides quick reference to Esri help and documentation, guidance on common workflows and access to Esri Canada support services in an easy-to-use mobile interface.

Esri help & documentation

The Discover tab of the Esri Support App includes documentation, tutorials, technical articles and workflow guides for the full suite of Esri products. These documents are all available offline in the app, in case you’re out of the office without internet access when you need to access them.

Perhaps you’re working on your laptop while travelling without access to the Web—you can pull up the documentation for the relevant geoprocessing tools on your phone so you can continue your work.  Or let’s say you’re on the train on the way to a client site to help them set up their ArcGIS Enterprise implementation. You can pull up the System Design Strategies documents to review the principles of high-performance architecture design to prepare for your meeting ahead.

If you have go-to documents that you find yourself referencing frequently, the Esri Support App allows you to save a list of your favourite docs and organize them for quick access.

The GIS Dictionary allows you to look up common terms related to GIS operations, cartography and Esri technology.

From left to right: The Discover tab, showing technical content by product; the GIS Dictionary tab, which allows you to look up common terms relevant to Esri technology; and the Discover tab again, this time showing an example of the documentation available to you on the go.

Support Services section

The Support Services section of the Esri Support App provides the tools to review, manage and open technical support cases with Esri Canada.

Through the Support tab, you can log a new support case to get expert help troubleshooting your technical issues. You can submit an electronic form to create a new case or give us a call to chat with a support analyst right away, without needing to look up the toll-free number. 

If your organization has any existing technical support cases with our team, they can be accessed through the Cases tab. Perhaps you’re out in the field collecting data and want to touch base with an Esri Canada support analyst about your Collector workflow. Or you have a detail that you want to add to an existing case, such as a tidbit of information you found about your database environment.

With a few taps in the Esri Support App, you can leave a comment for the analyst on your case feed. Take action on your open support cases by indicating that the issue has been resolved and the case can be closed. If you want to have a discussion with the analyst, give them a call directly through the app.

From left to right: The Support tab, showing options for getting assistance from your mobile device; and the Cases tab, showing examples of open cases. With the Esri Support App – Canada, you can track open cases wherever you are.

Logging in

Unless you need to contact technical support for a case, there is no need to sign into the app—it is freely available for everyone. However, if you want to access the Support Services tools to log and manage support cases, you will need to log in with your Esri authorized caller account. Note that this will be the same account that you use to log into for managing your licenses, downloads and support needs. If you do not have access, please contact your organization’s software administrator. If you are your organization’s software administrator and would like to gain access, please contact our Customer Care department.

Search your phone’s app store for “Esri Support App – Canada” or select one of the links below to get started with the Esri Support App and apply the Science of Where right from your pocket.

Download the Esri Support App – Canada from the Google Play store.

Download the Esri Support App – Canada from the Apple iTunes store.

This post was translated to French and can be viewed here.