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Mapping Vertical Assets with GIS and Drone Technology

Advances in geospatial technology, mobile apps, and drone hardware are contributing to the evolving narrative of digital twins. AEC firms, governments, and construction companies are leveraging these tools to document, inspect, and map infrastructure and field assets with high fidelity, while improving analysis and sharing of this digital information to all stakeholders. Industry leaders recognize the potential of the digital twin for infrastructure management and are working to make these solutions mainstream to accelerate efficiency, productivity, and improve safety. This webinar demonstrates the current capabilities of GIS integration with drone mapping and analysis software, and discusses best practices for the use of these field-enabled solutions for the documentation of vertical infrastructure. More specifically, we will explore the application of GIS and drone technologies in the context of telecommunication tower infrastructure management, where significant investment is being made to connect Canadian communities. Are you interested in learning more? - (TECHNICAL) Are you interested in learning more? - (INDUSTRY)