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Real Time Transportation Data Visualization using ArcGIS Velocity

This video demonstrates recent progress on the ITEA Smart Mobility project by Esri Canada showing: 00:00 The use of 3D ArcGIS Web Scenes using open data for City of Montreal and City of Toronto for visualization of real-time transportation data - Junliano Kersting, Solution Architect 01:13 Combine real-time geospatial analytics using ArcGIS Velocity with 3D visualization - Andrea Zagar, GIS Consultant 02:33 Real-time geofence-based object detection and analytics using ArcGIS Velocity - Andrea Zagar, GIS Consultant 03:22 Use of live feed transportation data within a 3D visualization - David Stajan, Lead Developer 04:01Simulation of Urban Mobility (SUMO) generated multi-modal transportation data in a 3D ArcGIS Web Scene - David Stajan, Lead Developer To learn more, visit: