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ArcMap Life Cycle - Episode 12 - Spatial Report

On March 1st, ArcMap entered the Mature Support phase of its product life cycle. This marks the last milestone before the upcoming retirement of ArcGIS Desktop. For ArcMap users, now is a great time to plan the transition to ArcGIS Pro. To help us understand what this all means for those who are still using ArcMap, we are joined by our good friend Erica Morra. She is the Director for Product Management at Esri Canada.

0:00 - Introduction

0:51 - What are the latest developments in ArcMap support leading to its retirement?

2:54 - Is ArcGIS capable of doing everything we would have done in ArcMap?

4:09 - How should users with very specific workflows in ArcMap approach the transition to ArcGIS Pro?

5:29 - Describe how the new license model in ArcGIS Pro differs and what impact it could have on how users work with GIS?

7:32 - Is ArcGIS Pro the only option for replacing work done in ArcMap?

8:40 - Three takeaways about the ArcMap life cycle and moving forward

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