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Missed the Bus Not today’s Transit Planners

July 25, 2017 - Planning public transit routes is a highly involved process that requires balancing the needs of a vast amount of competing criteria using a budget that never seems to be enough. Combine that with a never-before-seen plethora of highly accessible alternatives for getting around and we can see how challenging a task transit planners have in front of them. We won’t be diving into the intricacies of detailed transit planning in this webinar, but we will investigate how spatial GIS tools can assist transit planners in making better choices with where to lay routes. Transit ridership is more demanding than ever and have a number of new alternatives to choose from. Transit providers must adapt quickly and become increasingly effective at giving people more reasons to take transit. The technology to help bolster efforts exist today, but only the savviest of transit planners are leveraging the tools available to them so that they don’t miss the bus.