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Leveraging Spatial Analytics to Help Utilities Make Better Decisions

May 31, 2018 - The opportunities at utilities to support information-driven decision-making and analytics are significant. Data sources like smart meters, IoT devices, asset health and lifecycle information, vehicle and crew-tracking, and real-time operational systems information are becoming more and more readily available. Location enablement and enhanced analytics via geospatial technologies has begun to be recognized as a critical element to fully understanding what’s being done, where, when and most importantly, why. As your executives see these new incoming tidal waves of information, they need to understand where they can capitalize on existing GIS investments to improve operations, create new business opportunities and better understand and serve their customers. This session will explore the various ways you can use the analytic capabilities of ArcGIS to support better decision-making in many areas of your business, including asset management, storm planning/hardening, and customer-centric engagement, among others.