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Upgrading ArcGIS Enterprise - Episode 11 - Spatial Report

We welcome Justin Brassard to our GeoGeek family, as he will be taking the reins as our ArcGIS Enterprise subject matter expert. Today, Justin addresses a common question in the ArcGIS Enterprise community – when do you upgrade? This can be a complex dilemma for many organizations, but Justin has some tips and thoughts on when to say when and make the plunge to a newer release.

00:00 - Introduction

01:35 - When is a good time to transition versions of ArcGIS Enterprise?

03:06 - What version should you go to when you upgrade your deployment?

05:09 - Is there a specific version of ArcGIS Enterprise that will be more stable to upgrade to?

06:49 - Are you able to transition to ArcGIS Enterprise 11.0 or later if you are still using ArcMap?

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