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Simcoe County District School Board Modernized Facilities Management Using Interactive Dashboards

Planner, Carina Nunes, walks us through the process she took to make cumbersome text and graphs interactive using ArcGIS Dashboard. Simcoe County District School Board wanted to communicate key facility information about each of the district’s elementary and secondary schools. In the past, information of this kind was text-based and wasn’t easy to share. Now, an interactive dashboard allows anyone to filter through the data easily and find information like facility conditions and opening dates in an timely manner. The Facilities Dashboard has made their workflows more efficient and engaging.

0:00 – Meet Carina

00:22 - About the Facilities Dashboard

00:44 - How the Dashboard Came About

01:21 - Dashboard Features

01:50 - How it Improved Workflows

02:26 - Challenges

02:46 - Dashboard Reception


► Simcoe County District School Board Facilities Dashboard

► Simcoe County District School Board


Resources on how the dashboard was created:

► ArcGIS Online

► ArcGIS Dashboard

► ArcGIS Experience Builder

► Make your dashboard mobile friendly


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