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Search and Share Content with ArcGIS for Teams

Many of you are using Microsoft Teams to connect and collaborate with your colleagues. With ArcGIS for Teams, you can seamlessly search and share your maps, apps, and data within the Teams framework. This GeoSnap will show you how to get started with ArcGIS for Teams and how you can leverage ArcGIS content in your chats and meetings in a virtual workplace. For more information, check out the ArcGIS for Teams documentation: 00:00 – Intro 00:18 – Installing and opening ArcGIS for Teams 00:47 – Signing in to ArcGIS 00:58 – Searching for ArcGIS content from a personal scope 01:40 – Sharing ArcGIS content in a chat, meeting, or team channel ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- About ArcGIS for Teams ► Product Page ►Blogs ► Esri Community ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- About GeoSnaps | Videos by Esri Canada ► GeoSnaps is a video initiative by the Community Engagement team at Esri Canada. With GeoSnaps, stay informed about how others are using GIS to make a positive impact in Canada and across the world, and get new skills from our quick and easy technical tutorials on ArcGIS. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Want more from Esri Canada? Get the latest to your inbox Facebook Instagram Twitter LinkedIn