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Indoor Mapping – Episode 16 – Spatial Report

When you think about GIS data, you normally think of parcels, streets, trees or boundaries. But more and more organizations are taking their GIS inside. From space utilization to wayfinding, indoor GIS is impacting facilities management and mapping. To tell us more about the present and future of indoor GIS, we are joined by Alistair McDougall. He is a Product Specialist for Indoor GIS at Esri Canada and our resident expert in all things ArcGIS Indoors. 0:00 – Introduction 0:45 – What is ArcGIS Indoors and its key benefits 5:25 – The main features and capabilities of ArcGIS Indoors 8:01 – How ArcGIS Indoors integrates with other Esri products 10:54 – Notable use cases can success stories using indoor mapping 13:30 – Future developments planned for our Indoor GIS technology 17:52 – Three takeaway points about ArcGIS Indoors and indoor mapping Listen to the full episode and subscribe to our podcast today -  Have a podcast idea? E-mail us at