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How to Access Esri Technology while Working from Home (video)

Shifting to a home office can present some challenges. We understand that maintaining access to the ArcGIS suite of products is crucial. To assist with this transition, we’ve compiled some frequently asked questions that users have when setting up access to ArcGIS Desktop or ArcGIS Pro from home. The related blog post can be found here: Topics include: - Accessing software installation package (0:31) - Licensing installed software (1:33) - Where to find details about available licenses (2:23) - Authorizing a single use license (3:05) - What to do when you usually connect to company's server for license (4:24) - How to take a license offline (5:20) - Using Citrix to access ArcGIS Desktop (5:50) - How to quickly get access to the software (6:06) - Resources for instructors to provide access to Esri software (6:56) - Who to contact if you need help (7:36) - Additional resources (8:22) My Esri: Authorizing an ArcGIS Desktop Single Use License (Online) Video: Authorizing your Software: Taking a License Offline: ArcGIS Trial: Story Maps with resources on how to access Esri software: 1. Instructors/System Admins - 2. Students - 3. K-12 Teachers - GeoNet: Technical Support Knowledge Base: About ArcGIS Licensing: Canadian Customers Only: Esri Canada’s Technical Support Esri Canada’s Customer Care To learn more, contact us: