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Geographical Thinking: Season 4 Episode 14 – The Geography of Learning

Dust off those textbooks and sharpen your pencils because we're diving deep into the world of GIS education on this episode of Geographical Thinking! Join us as we explore the ins and outs of post-secondary GIS education with our special guests, Esri Canada director of education and research Jon Salter and Rahul Chandra, enterprise support consultant at Esri Canada and professor at Fleming College. From deciphering database mysteries to unlocking spatial solutions, Jon and Rahul's insights will illuminate the crucial role of GIS education in navigating the complexities of our world. Contents: 0:00 – Episode Summary 0:37 – Intro 3:40 – Intersections with Education 8:55 – Formal Education Programs 16:33 – Technical vs. Research Programs 23:27 – Program Content 31:47 – Education Gaps 40:02 – Education & Professional Development Advice 47:25 – Outro #GIS #education #EsriCanada #ArcGIS #Esri #university #college Want more inspiring stories about GIS in Canada? Subscribe to the Geographical Thinking podcast on your preferred podcatcher to make sure you never miss an episode: Or, subscribe to our YouTube channel for technical tips, success stories and inspiration to help you navigate the rapidly changing world of geospatial technology.