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GeoAI and ArcGIS Survey123 - Episode 13 - Spatial Report

Our mobile solutions GeoGeek, Sue Enyedy, Product Specialist for Mobile Solutions at Esri Canada, returns to the pod. Our focus? GeoAI in mobile apps. Sue dives into the impact of GeoAI post-Developer Summit, discussing its integration into our beloved ArcGIS Survey123. She walks us through the latest AI-driven features and even shares a fun wine-themed example, showcasing the Survey123 web designer assistants' prowess in survey construction. We also touch on the recent enhancements in Survey123's February 2024 release, including the intriguing Translator tool for multilingual surveys. 0:00 - Introduction 0:35 - What is GeoAI and how it will work with mobile apps? 2:02 - How will ArcGIS Survey123 leverage AI? 3:04 - How to use the Survey123 web designer assistant 6:35 - Introducing a new feature in Survey123 - Auto translation Listen to the full episode and subscribe to our podcast today - Have a podcast idea? E-mail us at