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From Data to Apps in 60 Minutes Or Less | Part 2

Do you currently have underutilized data that could be enhanced and shared with a wider audience? Are you struggling to start the process of preparing your data, creating useful maps and selecting the right ArcGIS App? Now that the hosted feature is created and shared with a group it's time to create a web map that is functional and unique. Follow this link to watch Part 1 of this series:

Read about creating maps in ArcGIS Online: 

  • 1:41 – Create a map
  • 2:38 – Add a vector tile basemap
  • 4:06 – Add layers to a map
  • 5:18 – Change style of symbology
  • 6:10 – Configure clustering
  • 7:15 – Add custom symbology
  • 8:21 – Save and create an app

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