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Drones and ArcGIS with Jeff Petillion - Inside The Arc - Episode 06 - Spatial Report

Drones have revolutionized GIS by providing an efficient way to collect, analyze and visualize geospatial data. Modern drone technology with cameras and sensors makes it easy to capture high-resolution imagery and acquire remote sensing information. To learn more about how drones can be leveraged in your GIS organization, we welcome Jeff Petillion, Esri Canada’s imagery specialist. 0:00 - Intro 1:55 - Jeff's history with drones 3:41 - Overview of drones and GIS 4:45 - Data collected by drones (orthomosaics, digital elevation models, 3D meshes and point clouds for digital twins) 6:59 - How drones collect imagery 8:07 - Flight planning with ArcGIS (SiteScan Flight) 9:34 - Processing images with ArcGIS 10:34 - ArcGIS Drone2Map versis ArcGIS SiteScan 12:02 - How to get started with drones and GIS Guest: Jeff Petillion - Imagery Products Specialist at Esri Canada - Listen to the full episode and subscribe to our podcast today - Have a podcast idea? E-mail us at