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Create an Instant App with Insets

In this GeoSnap, we want to introduce you to Insets, the newest template to the ArcGIS Instant Apps family. Insets are designed to display your noncontiguous geographic locations within a single app layout. This is an ideal solution to allow users to interact with multiple data locations at once. For more information on the Insets template, check out its documentation page: 00:00 – Intro 00:15 – Define the web map and create the Insets instant app 01:00 – Configure and publish the Insets app with Express settings 01:54 – Interact with the published Insets app 02:10 – Highlight additional inset style settings ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- About ArcGIS Instant Apps ► Product Page ►Blogs ► Esri Community ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- About GeoSnaps | Videos by Esri Canada ► GeoSnaps is a video initiative by the Community Engagement team at Esri Canada. With GeoSnaps, stay informed about how others are using GIS to make a positive impact in Canada and across the world, and get new skills from our quick and easy technical tutorials on ArcGIS. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Want more from Esri Canada? Get the latest to your inbox Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: LinkedIn: