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Connecting Cultures: Planning the North American Indigenous Games using GIS

Dive into the heart of the North American Indigenous Games, a platform where Recognition of Indigenous culture takes center stage. Beyond just a multi-sport event, it's an experience that celebrates culture, identity, and achievements with pride. Discover the Innovation behind the scenes as modern planning tools enhance this traditional event, ensuring every detail is meticulously crafted. If you're an event planner or someone passionate about supporting Indigenous communities, this video is a testament to the power of unity, culture, and the importance of support. Join us in this journey and be inspired to back initiatives that uplift communities. What You'll Learn: - The profound impact of the North American Indigenous Games on participants and spectators alike. - The meticulous planning and challenges faced in organizing such a grand event. - The role of GIS technology in venue planning, wayfinding, and more. - Personal insights from Sara-Lynne on her journey with the Games and the pride of being an Indigenous woman. Key Takeaways: - Cultural Celebration: The games are more than just sports; they're a celebration of Indigenous culture and identity. - GIS in Action: Discover the power of Geographic Information Systems in event planning and management. - Unity & Empowerment: Experience the sense of community and empowerment the games bring to Indigenous participants. Timestamps: 00:00 Introduction to the North American Indigenous Games 00:15 Brendon on the transformative power of the Games, CEO of NAIG 2023 00:36 Behind the scenes: Planning and challenges 00:59 Sara-Lynne's personal journey with the Games, NAIG 2023 Director of Sport and Venue 01:26 The role of GIS technology in event planning 03:00 Craig on the power of GIS, Esri Canada Professional Services Manager 03:26 The empowering feeling of unity among Indigenous participants 03:44 Bringing the games to Halifax and its significance Contact us: Learn more about What is GIS technology Explore NAIG 2023 via this StoryMap Esri Canada's work with Indigenous communities: