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Cityworks in Action: Optimizing Parks Maintenance with GIS

Welcome to our Cityworks Demo Day! Join us as we step into the day of a parks employee, navigating the day to day operation of turf cutting and tackling unexpected challenges like graffiti and property damage. This video showcases the seamless integration of Cityworks with mobile apps and Esri Field Maps, optimizing asset and park maintenance. 00:00 - Introduction to Cityworks Demo Day 00:32 - Starting with Mobile Work Order Management 01:27 - Managing Standing and Reactive Work Orders 02:41 - Addressing Park Bench Graffiti: Work Order Creation 03:59 - Barcode Scanning for Efficient Asset Management 05:34 - Updating Asset Position and Attributes with Esri Field Maps 07:53 - Summary and Insights Stay tuned for practical tips and real-life applications of Cityworks in enhancing public works and utility management. For more information, please reach out to our team at