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Cityworks AMS Introduction: Work Activities

Dive deep into the capabilities of Cityworks Asset Management Solution (AMS), a comprehensive tool designed to revolutionize the management of municipal assets. This detailed demonstration showcases how Cityworks integrates GIS asset data, service requests, work orders and inspections into a unified platform, enhancing operational efficiency and communication. Learn how the system facilitates direct communication through service requests, structured planning via work orders and proactive maintenance through regular inspections. The demonstration explores real-world scenarios including a playground maintenance cycle—from initial service request to post-repair inspection—illustrating how Cityworks supports both reactive and scheduled maintenance to extend asset lifespan, reduce downtime and comply with safety regulations. Witness firsthand how Cityworks can transform your asset management strategy, making it more efficient and data-driven. 0:00 – Prologue 00:53 – Service Requests Introduction 01:28 – Work Orders Introduction 02:06 – Inspections Introduction 02:46 – Work Management Workflow 03:26 – Service Request (Demo) 04:27 – Inspection (Demo) 05:35 – Work Order (Demo) 06:47 – Recap 07:03 – Epilogue For more information, visit:   Don’t forget to like, comment and subscribe to stay updated on the latest in GIS technology.  #GIS #Cityworks #AssetManagement #EsriCanada