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ArcGIS Solutions and Public Safety - Episode 13 - Spatial Report

When responding to situations like natural disasters, damage assessment, or informing the public, every second counts. ArcGIS Solutions are designed to help you reduce the time to deploy location-based solutions for many industry-specific configurations. We are pleased to welcome Lindsay Thomas to the podcast. She is the ArcGIS Solutions Lead for Public Safety at Esri Inc. She joined us to talk about her work and how it impacts on our communities. 0:00 - Introduction 1:00 - What are ArcGIS Solutions? 2:56 - What areas do public safety solutions cover? 4:46 - How do organizations utilize these solutions? 6:13 - What are the most popular public safety solutions? 11:07 - What are the common challenges when getting started? 14:47 - Three takeaways about getting started with ArcGIS Solutions Listen to the full episode and subscribe to our podcast today - Have a podcast idea? E-mail us at