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Address Manager Essentials: Map Tools and Placing Multiple Addresses

Discover how to effectively use various map tools, such as layers, tables, base maps, legends, bookmarks, measure and print. Learn the step-by-step process of placing multiple addresses within parcels and buildings, ensuring accuracy and compliance with the latest standards.

00:00 - Introduction to Part Two
00:03 - Overview of Map Tools
00:32 - Using the Layer Tool
00:55 - Understanding the Legend Tool
01:20 - Measuring and Printing Maps
01:52 - Placing Addresses in Multiple Parcels
02:20 - Filling Building Centroids
02:39 - Preview of Part Three

Address Manager optimizes the creation, maintenance and use of authoritative addresses, roads and boundaries. It's essential for municipalities and emergency services to ensure data accuracy and compliance with the latest standards.

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