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Accessibility and GIS - Episode 10 - Spatial Report

Maps and GIS are for everyone, so it’s important that our products are designed and readily available to all, with a diverse range of abilities. It is important for us to create web content that provides equal access, reduces barriers and embraces inclusion. To talk more about the intersection of GIS technology and accessibility, we are joined by our special guest, Klara Schmitt from Esri Inc. She works closely with incorporating accessibility for the ArcGIS Hub development team and is a passionate advocate for accessible web design. 0:00 - Introduction 0:00 - Introduction 1:01 - What is accessibility? Why is it important? 3:45 - How does Esri meet accessibility standards? 6:20 - How does one make their maps accessible? 9:51 - How can GIS developers test their apps for accessibility? 11:35 - What are three takeaways you should know about accessibility and your GIS work? EN: To learn more, contact us: FR: Pour en savoir plus, contactez-nous :