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A Local Perspective of the Latest Census of Population

Census information is central to our daily lives. Whether starting a business, monitoring a government program, planning transportation needs or choosing the location for a school, Canadians use census data every day to inform their decisions. Every five years Statistics Canada releases the census, and the Peel Data Center synthesizes that information for a Peel and GTA perspective.   In this video Andrea Dort of the Region of Peel Data Center discusses the design process that led her team to the creation of the Region of Peel Census Information Hub. The Census Information Hub is a mix of visuals and text that tell a story, help tell the ‘why’ behind the numbers and gives examples as to how the census data is used. 0:00 – Meet Andrea 0:50 - About the Peel Data Center 02:00 - How the Census Hub Came About 03:31 - Design Challenges 04:24 - User Experience Testing -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ► Regional of Peel’s Census Information Hub ► The Journey to Peel’s Census Information Hub ► Region of Peel Data Portal ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Resources on how the census hub was created: ► ArcGIS Online ► ArcGIS Hub ► ArcGIS Instant Apps   ----------------------------------------------------------------------------   Want more from Esri Canada? Facebook Instagram Twitter LinkedIn --------------------------- Thumbnail Photo by Sigmund on Unsplash