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Season 1 | Episode 17: Imagining the Industry's Future

Season 1 | Episode 17: Imagining the Industry's Future

Learning from GIS Professionals – a Summer Series

We have a Young Professional Network (YPN) for those starting out in this business. It encourages discussion amongst young professionals on how to grow careers. We are running a 3 part summer series to share conversations in a YNP round table discussion. This episode is part 2 of our summer series, with four experienced GIS professionals answering questions from our YPN. They wanted to know what would be the best geospatial technology investment for organizations and businesses post pandemic.

Our honorable panel members:

  • Joann Fox - Manager of Business Analytics Intelligence and Reporting, Edmonton Police Service
  • Jeff Lamb - Partnerships and Special Projects, York Region (Ontario)
  • Will Caddell -  CEO and founder of Sparkgeo Consulting
  • Chris North - Director of Technology Adoption, Esri Canada