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News Roundup – February 2024

How are Alex Trebek, K-12 education and GIS all connected? What are local governments doing to improve their road and address layers? What did the Lower Valley Water District do to make their water utility operation more efficient? Learn more in the News Roundup for January 2024.

Feature Stories

Map of the Month: Seascapes, Placentia Bay, Newfoundland and Labrador
Placentia Bay, a large embayment on the south coast of Newfoundland, has a very complex seafloor. Multibeam sonar systems are used by geologists to create high-resolution terrain models of the sea floor, requiring a specific approach to mapping, as shown in this map from Natural Resources Canada.

Geographical Thinking: Season 4 | Episode 9: Expanding GIS Adoption Inside and Outside the Classroom
How are Alex Trebek, K-12 education and GIS all connected? This episode of Geographical Thinking connects the dots as Michelle Brake talks with Jean Tong and Alexander, two of the people who keep Esri Canada’s K-12 Education Program thriving.

Listen to the latest episode of Geographical Thinking here. 

New year, new changes ahead: preparing your people for geospatial change
If your organization is planning changes that will impact familiar geospatial workflows, our two-day workshop can help you create an actionable roadmap to successfully prepare your people.

Esri Canada’s Roads and Addresses program
Roads and addresses are among the most important layers in any local government’s GIS database. Learn what Esri Canada is doing to help organizations improve their content in these key layers.

Small Utility, Big Impact: LVWD's GIS Journey Toward Operational Excellence
Lower Valley Water District's shift from paper-based systems to GIS-driven solutions revolutionizes water utility management and enhances operational efficiency.

Esri News

Esri Launches, a Content Platform for Creators Demonstrating the Power of Maps
January 23, 2024

Esri Partners with TechSoup, Providing Nonprofit Organizations Easier Access to GIS Technology
January 17, 2024


ArcUser: More Green, Less Gray 
Los Angeles County’s Safe, Clean Water Program (SCWP) uses geospatial technology to manage, report, and track nearly 200 stormwater projects and studies to show taxpayers how improvements are being made to the local water supply. Most of the state’s outdated infrastructure is designed to swiftly carry rainwater to the ocean, but LA County aims to change that, with the help of SCWP and the way it uses GIS to map and track green infrastructure projects.

Read the latest issue of ArcUser online.

ArcNews: Vermont Speeds Flood Response with ArcGIS Online and Site Scan for ArcGIS
During a disaster event, rapid response is critical. For Vermont residents who experienced flooding in July 2023, disaster response meant receiving relief sooner instead of later, thanks to GIS and some quick thinking.

Read the latest issue of ArcNews online.

WhereNext Magazine: Ski Industry Faces Economic Risks from Climate Change, Study Shows
As snow shortages loom, location insights can help ski resort operators plan for a sustainable future.

Video: How to Save Lives
There is no typical day for a first responder. Every natural disaster, whether domestically or internationally, is different and unpredictable but the response should always be quick, efficient, and coordinated. What if, after any natural disaster, you had a dashboard showing all the damage, which locations were hit the hardest, and where you can locate displaced people? John Morrison, of the USAID Urban Search and Rescue team, knows firsthand how effective collaboration and coordination can be with the help of GIS technology.

About the Author

Dani Pacey is a Marketing Specialist for Esri Canada. She digitized her first map at the tender age of 10 and has been fascinated by the relationships between people and places ever since. An avid technical communicator with degrees in Science & Technology Studies from York University and History of Science & Technology from the University of King's College, Dani has always blended science, social science and the humanities and loves bringing them all together to tell great stories about human life.

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