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In 2024, enhance your teaching with GIS!

A wealth of free workshops is available to guide teachers in their use of geographic information systems in the classroom. Which ones will you be attending this year?

Each year, we are privileged to support educators from across Canada in their adventure with geographic information systems (GIS) in teaching. From an introduction to GIS to lessons expanding their knowledge of the tools, we offer a wide range of free professional development workshops. These workshops vary in length from 45 minutes to a full day of training, tailored to the needs of the participants. All workshop materials are available on the Internet for use by teachers and their students.

Three lines of white text are centered at the bottom of this image: the first line reads, "Beyond the map, GIS for the universe"; the second line, "AQEUS 2023 | The use of GIS in an elementary and secondary education"; and the third line, "Arabelle Sauvé | Education and Research - Esri Canada". In the image behind the text, an iPad is in the foreground, displaying a geographic map centered on the Great Lakes region, Québec and the Maritimes (excluding the island of Newfoundland). Lego figurines surround the iPad. Two of them, one black and the other purple, sit at the top of the iPad, the first in the center right and the other on the right corner. A brown figurine stands on the right of the iPad, an orange one on the bottom right and another on the bottom left, with only its head visible. There are three figurines to the left of the iPad. The first is near the corner and is blue. The second is red, located in the middle of the left side, and the third is yellow, located at the same height as the corner, but a little further back. In the background of the picture are two globe stands. All the elements are on a light-colored wooden table. The back wall is white. Hands-on workshop presented at the 2023 AQEUS conference (in French)

Take a peek at some of our workshops:

Which professional development workshops would you like to attend in 2024?

Would you like to …

  1.       learn about the ArcGIS Online platform and GIS in K-12 education?
  2.       learn how to create maps with ArcGIS Online’s Map Viewer?
  3.       discover or explore ArcGIS StoryMaps to put your geographic data in perspective?
  4.       learn how to use Survey123 to collect data?
  5.       learn how to use ArcGIS Dashboard to present your data in the form of graphs and charts?
  6.       learn how to transform your maps into apps in just a few clicks with Instant Apps?
  7.       Anything else?

Contact us at to schedule a professional development workshop with your school board. You can also take a self-directed approach and learn through our tutorials on our K-12 Education Resources portal. Of course, we're always available to answer your questions!

This post was written in French by Arabelle Sauvé and can be viewed here.