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New Intelligence Configuration for ArcGIS Pro ICAP Desktop

November 22, 2018 - The recently released Intelligence Configuration for ArcGIS Pro (ICAP) is a customized GIS desktop environment designed for intelligence analysts that streamlines the user experience and provides specialized tools for improved production in the disciplines of HUMINT, SIGINT, GEOINT and All-Source Intelligence. ICAP assists intelligence analysts in gathering data, examining spatial relationships, detecting patterns and predicting likely courses of action. ICAP also integrates the existing military, crime analysis and imagery tools within the same ArcGIS Pro desktop environment to make it easier to find and access the right functions. ICAP helps you deliver mission critical intelligence insights and information products faster and more efficiently. This webinar will begin with a brief overview of ArcGIS Pro, followed by a review of the capabilities of the ICAP and a demonstration on how to set up ICAP within your current desktop environment. We will then explore some of the streamlined workflows and analytic capabilities of ICAP and show you how to examine relationships in your data and detect patterns or anomalies to better support your GIS tasks and decision cycles. You will learn how to integrate multiple sources of information, create intelligence products and share them throughout your organization with dynamic web maps and applications.