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Housing Solutions with Ratio.City – Episode 14 – Spatial Report

Housing availability and affordability are top concerns for Canadians everywhere. Access to data and understanding the impact of building can be a significant barrier to any housing efforts.   In this episode, we're diving straight into the heart of the matter with Erin Morrow, Director of Products for Ratio.City, a Division of Esri Canada. Join us as we explore how Ratio.City, a recent addition to the Esri Canada family, is revolutionizing urban planning and development. Learn how this user-friendly platform is empowering non-GIS users to make a difference in designing cities for the future. Stay tuned for insights that could reshape the way you approach urban challenges. 0:00 – Introduction  1:00 – Back story of the genesis of Ratio.City 2:47 – Overview of the Ratio.City platform  4:44 – What distinguishes Ratio.City from other solutions  6:49 – How Ratio.City sources data and ensures accuracy and reliability 9:46 – Examples of organizations leveraging Ratio.City 12:07 – Three takeaways about the Ratio.City platform Listen to the full episode and subscribe to our podcast today - Have a podcast idea? E-mail us at