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Introducing Address Manager 1.5

Esri Canada is proud to announce the release of Address Manager 1.5. This update includes an Address Manager Configurator application, support for a new data model and boundary editing tools. Highlights and additional resources are provided below.

Address Manager is a web-based solution that optimizes the creation, maintenance and use of authoritative addresses. It is designed to support a better workflow in civic addressing that provides better data management and minimizes addressing errors.

Below are the highlights and resources included in the release of Address Manager 1.5:

Support for the Address Manger 2.0 data model - The latest data model expands upon the previous Address Manager data model and aligns more closely with the NENA Next Generation 9-1-1 (NG9-1-1) GIS Data Model. Using this data model is required to enable all capabilities of an Address Manager 1.5 application. Detailed technical information, including information about new domains and the process for migrating your data to the new data model are documented in the Address Manager Configuration and Data Loading Guide v1.5.

Address Manager Configurator - A new application is available for you to create new instances of the Address Manager 1.5 application, using your data, published from ArcGIS Pro.  This can be used to set default values Address Manager application configuration settings, feature editing rules, default values and the application’s language setting are all customizable. Address Manager Configurator does not support previous releases of Address Manager.

Boundary Editing Tools - New tools have been added to Address Manager that allow users to create and manage boundary layer features, which furthers support for the NENA Next Generation 9-1-1 (NG9-1-1) GIS Data Model. The supported layers include municipal(A3) boundaries, police, fire, and EMS boundaries, public safety answering point (PSAP) boundaries, and data provisioning boundaries. How these layers interact, and when they are allowed to overlap, is managed by a set of rules. Address Manager enforces these rules and provides visual review and update capabilities when features are not in compliance.

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New Deployment Options – Address Manager 1.5 can be deployed three different ways. Esri Canada can host the application for you, or you can host the application on your own infrastructure. When hosting on your own infrastructure, you have the option of using ArcGIS Enterprise feature services to host your data or you can host your data in an Enterprise geodatabase.

Address Manager 1.5 requires an activation license when you use the application with ArcGIS Online. To acquire a license, email your ArcGIS Online Subscription ID from your ArcGIS Online Organization’s Overview page to Chris Close at For more information regarding Address Manager, please visit our website. For technical support, please consult online help or contact Esri Canada’s support staff:

Request a technical support case online


Telephone: 1-877-441-0337 

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Chris Wilcox is a Product Manager at Esri Canada with a focus on building new tools to support Next Generation 9-1-1 GIS efforts. Chris helped build the GeoEnrichment Service back in 2015 using Business Analyst Server and a ton of data. In an ideal world, Chris would get to go for at least one ski run between meetings.

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