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Address Manager Essentials: Road Segments and Boundaries

Learn how to efficiently create and edit road segments, assign road names and configure road attributes such as address range and speed limit. Additionally, discover the process of establishing EMS boundaries and updating their status to ensure accurate and effective emergency response data.

Chapters: 00:00 - Introduction to Part Five
00:07 - Creating Road Segments
00:37 - Setting Road Attributes
01:02 - Editing Existing Roads
01:29 - Creating EMS Boundaries
02:25 - Updating Boundary Status
02:43 - Preview of Part Six Address Manager optimizes the creation, maintenance and use of authoritative addresses, roads and boundaries.

It's essential for municipalities and emergency services to ensure data accuracy and compliance with the latest standards. #EsriCanada #RoadsandAddresses #AddressManager #GIS  

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