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Modern Access to Canada Lands Mapping

We’re excited to announce the release of a new, public Canada Lands parcel mapping feature service that provides seamless, up-to-date, national coverage of the Canada Lands Digital Cadastral Data maintained by Natural Resources Canada (NRCan). Esri Canada’s Land Information Solutions team has put together an ArcGIS StoryMaps story that explores the Canada Lands parcel mapping data maintained by NRCan in more detail, as well as reviews the new ways in which this valuable data has been made more accessible to the GIS community. Read this post to see the story and find out more.

Canada Lands parcel mapping is a significant achievement by NRCan and constitutes a major contribution to Canada’s overall land information infrastructure. This mapping is continuously maintained by NRCan using modern parcel mapping techniques and extends across many geographic regions across Canada.

In an effort to make the Canada Lands parcel mapping data more readily accessible to the larger GIS community, Esri Canada’s Land Information Solutions team has created a public feature service that provides seamless, up-to-date, national coverage of this mapping. Full details on how this feature service can be accessed are available in our story—please take a look and feel free to drop us a line if you have any questions!

This post was translated to French and can be viewed here.

About the Author

Sarah Sibbett is a senior cadastral mapping consultant with Esri Canada’s Professional Services team. Her focus is on parcel mapping projects across Canada, where she works with clients to increase their productivity and efficiency with the Parcel Editor solution. Sarah has built a reputation for being a creative thinker with a skill for problem solving. She began her career in Esri Canada as a summer student 10 years ago and has served as a mentor for the Associate GIS Professional Program, where she coached and provided constructive performance feedback to outstanding graduates selected for the program.

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