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Esri Canada joins the board of ITEA, an international technology group

Esri Canada is the only Canadian company to join the board of ITEA, a cutting-edge tech group

TORONTO – December 17, 2020 – Esri Canada has been named one of the newest members of the Information Technology for European Advancement board. ITEA, as it’s known, is an international, industry-driven group focused on software innovation. It enables a global and knowledgeable community of large industry, SMEs, start-ups, academia and customer organizations to collaborate on funded projects that turn innovative ideas into new businesses, jobs, economic growth and societal benefits.

Esri Canada’s first participation directly contributed to the ITEA Award of Excellence 2020 for the PS-CRIMSON project, which created 3D disaster forecasting for Vancouver’s public transit system, TransLink. Based on that success, Esri Canada is currently leading another ITEA venture on transportation integration, the SMART project.

“Esri Canada has been involved in ITEA projects and presented their dedication to create impact via innovative research projects. ITEA has an ambition not only in innovation in technology but also in international cooperation. Therefore, I am very enthusiastic to announce Esri Canada as an ITEA Board member. The ITEA Board is stronger and more impactful with Esri Canada," says Zeynep Sarılar, ITEA Chairwoman.

The only Canadian company to work with ITEA, Esri Canada has been active in this worldwide network since 2014. “ITEA has been a particular focus for Canada due to its industry-driven, bottom-up approach with trusted and engaged innovation actors coupled with effective processes,” said Jiang Chen, the Canadian ITEA Public Authority representative. “This generates valuable networks and projects with commercial and social impacts. ITEA has become one of the preferred channels we leverage to help Canadian companies to access global value chains.”

“Building stronger international research networks that enable collaboration and sharing of information is essential for our planet. Digital geography is a paradigm shift for integrating information by location. I look forward to cooperating with my European colleagues to address the big issues of our time including public safety, harmonized mobility and climate change. Canada and Europe will both benefit immensely from sharing the best of our cultures and advance both of our societies,” said Alex Miller, president, Esri Canada.

About Esri Canada  
Founded in 1984, Esri Canada provides geographic information system (GIS) solutions that empower people in business, government and education to make informed and timely decisions by leveraging the power of mapping and spatial analytics. These solutions enable organizations to better manage their resources, plan their future and collaborate within and beyond their organization. Esri Canada’s products and services help advance successful digital transformation. The company serves 12,000 organizations from 16 offices across Canada and is based in Toronto. In 2019, Esri Canada achieved Platinum Club status with the Canada's Best Managed Companies program by retaining its Best Managed designation for seven consecutive years or more. More information can be found at Follow Esri Canada on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and LinkedIn.

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