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Season 4 | Episode 14: The Geography of Learning

Season 4 | Episode 14: The Geography of Learning

Dust off those textbooks and sharpen your pencils because we're diving deep into the world of GIS education on this episode of Geographical Thinking! 

Join host Michelle Brake and explore the ins and outs of post-secondary GIS education with our special guests, Jon Salter and Rahul Chandra. From deciphering database mysteries to unlocking spatial solutions, Jon and Rahul's insights will illuminate the crucial role of GIS education in navigating the complexities of our world.

About our guests: Rahul Chandra is an enterprise support consultant at Esri Canada; he is also a professor of geomatics at Fleming College’s Geographic Information Systems – Application Specialist post-graduate program. Jon Salter is Esri Canada’s director of education and research, who also happens to have a Ph.D. from the University of British Columbia.

Looking for resources on what we discussed in today’s podcast? Check them out below!

Esri Canada’s Higher Education site: Discover more about Esri Canada’s Higher Education program, including teaching and learning resources for instructors and useful data sources.

The Esri Canada Centres of Excellence (ECCE) App Challenge: The ECCE App Challenge, held annually, celebrates innovation by having student teams across Canada create unique apps powered by Esri technology.

The Geographic Approach: A geographic approach provides clarity, helps people turn their data into insights and can unlock solutions to global problems—both within and beyond academia.

URISA: The Urban and Regional Information Systems Association (URISA) is an association of GIS professionals with chapters in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario and beyond. Get to know their certifications, education programs, networking opportunities and more.

Esri Canada Young Professionals Network (YPN): Want to join a community of professionals just starting out in GIS? If you’ve started your GIS career in the last seven years, the Esri Canada YPN is for you.

Esri Canada Associate GIS Professional Program: Esri Canada’s placement program for recent GIS graduates offers an 18-month journey through a variety of GIS-related job functions.


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