February 29, 2016

Products: Assessment Analyst®

Looking to achieve greater insights into property and buildings that traditional assessment techniques can’t deliver?

Build and edit building sketches directly in a GIS environment with GeoSketch—a geospatial geometry editing environment within Assessment Analyst® that enables users to sketch and edit buildings and other structures directly on a map. Through sketch verification by GeoSketch, building sketches can be compared with aerial photography to check for anomalies and spot new construction or other changes that could be constructed without a permit.

Assessment Analyst 3D

View a complete, realistic picture of buildings using Assessment Analyst 3D—the world’s first geospatial 3D...

Esri Business Analyst for Desktop (Canadian Edition)
Esri Business Analyst for Desktop (Canadian Edition)

Find out how Esri Business Analyst for Desktop can help you to better understand your customers, make succe...