Amr Eldib

Amr Eldib is a Developer Support Consultant for Esri Canada. As a Certified Web Application Developer Associate, he has 10 years of experience in both geographic information system (GIS) and software development. Amr has worked with a number of organizations in both Egypt and Canada on building and supporting GIS systems using Esri products. He’s been a blogger and active member in many developer communities throughout much of his career.

  • DevSummit 2014: The Road Ahead

    We conclude our series on the DevSummit 2014 by looking ahead for upcoming technologies and industry trends.

  • DevSummit 2014: DevSummit.NET

    There has been a lot of talk about how the Desktop is dead, but there are a lot of arguments to counter that.

  • DevSummit 2014: Going Mobile

    Continuing with our preview of the upcoming DevSummit, today we’ll talk about mobile applications - a definite hot topic at the summit.

  • DevSummit 2014:

    Our preview of the DevSummit schedule continues with a look at Python sessions, covering everything from building tools and models, to administrating ArcGIS Server.

  • DevSummit 2014: DevSummit.js

    ArcGIS API for JavaScript is now the primary choice for building Web mapping applications.

  • DevSummit 2014: Exploring Crash Courses

    Most people go to the DevSummit to catch up with the latest technology, or for a chance to meet the developers who are helping to build ArcGIS.

  • DevSummit 2014: Getting Ready

    DevSummit 2014: Getting Ready

    The DevSummit is around the corner and, with so much happening at this year’s annual gathering of GIS developers, I’m going to guide you through all you need to know with my blog series: DevSummit.

  • Top 10 resources for ArcGIS API for JavaScript developers

    Top 10 resources for ArcGIS API for JavaScript developers

    If you’re building a Web application for ArcGIS for Server, you may be considering using the ArcGIS API for JavaScript.

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