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How to better plan and engage people – using GIS

Geomatics Coordinator, Daniel Arseneault, walks us through the engagement process the City of Edmundston took to plan for a street revitalization project. Using a combination of ArcGIS StoryMaps and ArcGIS Survey123, the team was able to teach residents about different urban management concepts and get them involved from the very beginning in the project. A story map was used to showcase different planning scenarios. Residents were then able to vote on the scenario they liked best using ArcGIS Survey123 and the winning design was implemented by the city. Réalise Edmundston was developed to facilitate exchanges between citizens and the administration regarding development projects in the city.

0:00 – Meet Daniel

0:15 – The Challenge

0:44 – The Solution

1:06 – The Story Map Features

02:12 – The Outcome


► Réalise Edmundston

► Interview with Daniel Arsenault on the Geographical Thinking Podcast


Resources on how the engagement tool was created:

► ArcGIS Online

► ArcGIS StoryMaps

► ArcGIS Survey123

► Crowdsourced Mapping for ArcGIS StoryMaps—Easy as 123


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