Cityworks Server AMS: Asset Management Solution

April 20, 2016

Industry: Government, Public Works
Products: Cityworks Suite

Cityworks Server AMS (Asset Management Solution) is a GIS-centric operations and maintenance solution enabling organizations to manage capital assets and infrastructure. The built-in workflow engine allows for service requests, work orders, and inspections to be configured and tailored to an agency’s specific needs for tracking and analysis. Designed to leverage an organization’s investment in GIS, Cityworks utilizes Esri’s ArcGIS and the geodatabase as the only authoritative asset data repository.

Cityworks: GIS-Centric Management Solutions
Cityworks: GIS-Centric Management Solutions

Cityworks is a powerful, flexible and affordable solution designed for local governments, public works, uti...

Cityworks PLL (Permits, Licensing & Land) Solution
Cityworks PLL (Permits, Licensing & Land) Solution

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