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Where is vaccine hesitancy in Canada?

Provinces across Canada, like the rest of the world, are in a race to reach herd immunity to slow or stop the spread of COVID-19. While there’s no magic number to reach herd immunity, most research studies estimate that it could be achieved if about 60-75% of the population is vaccinated.

Using the VaccineInsights dataset from Environics Analytics, government and public health professionals can locate undervaccinated populations, identify and better understand the reasons behind vaccine hesitancy, and improve targeting of communications and services.

This story map highlights the different types of data available with VaccineInsights and how they can be used.

This post was translated to French and can be viewed here.

About the Author

Brian Mosley is the Health Solutions Lead for Esri Canada’s Public Health Program. Brian addresses public health challenges by encouraging geographic thinking and creating GIS solutions for public health practitioners. He promotes the use of spatial intelligence for public health program evaluation, e-health projects, population assessments and service delivery, including establishing systems for monitoring priorities such as real-time emergency department visits and environmental health threats for the overall health of different populations.

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