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Revolutionizing Urban Planning: Esri Canada's Digital Twin Technology in Action

Discover the revolutionary impact of Esri Canada's GIS technology in Digital Twins. This video showcases how municipalities can leverage cutting-edge geospatial solutions for more effective urban planning and decision-making. Experience the power of visualization and location analytics to help plan future communities. In this video, the City of Ottawa emphasizes the importance of integrating vast city datasets into a Digital Twin system to understand urban projects more comprehensively. The video explores the practical applications of this technology in city planning, infrastructure development, public engagement, and land development. Digital Twins that leverage GIS is reshaping urban development and planning. To learn more, visit: 00:00 - Introduction to Esri Canada & Digital Twin Technology 00:17 - Jean-François Dionne on Geospatial Strategies for Ottawa 00:55 - Randal's Insights on Real-Life Visualization with Digital Twins 01:39 - How Digital Twins Integrate Urban Planning Elements 02:03 - Michael on Humanizing Data Through Spatial Systems 02:28 - Cathy Discusses Authoritative Data Sets in GIS 03:00 - Monika on Enhancing Housing Sector Transparency with GIS 03:44 - Michael on the Evolution of Spatial Data in Big Data World 04:01 - Jean-François Dionne's Vision for Data Sharing in the City with GIS #EsriCanada #DigitalTwin #GIS #UrbanPlanning #SmartCities Top Keywords: Digital Twin Technology Esri Canada GIS Urban Planning Innovation Smart Cities Solutions Geospatial Data Analysis #EsriCanada #DigitalTwin #GIS #UrbanPlanning #smartcities