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Data Collaboration in Action: Solving the Housing Crisis in Ontario

Dive into the highlights of the Provincial Data and Reporting Event hosted by Esri Canada and the City of Vaughan in April 2024. This event brought together key stakeholders from the Ontario Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing, Infrastructure Ontario, planners and data experts from over 50 municipalities, among others, to discuss the transformative role of data and GIS in addressing the housing crisis. Learn about the innovative tools, collaborative efforts and strategic initiatives that are driving data-driven decision making to improve housing development across Ontario. Chapters: 00:00 - Opening Remarks: Jeff Lamb from Esri Canada on the significance of data and collaboration in tackling the housing crisis. 00:15 - Municipal Stakeholders: Lisa Liang from Infrastructure Ontario on the importance of early collaboration in project delivery. 00:28 - Regulatory Goals: Scott Sterling from MMAH discusses Ontario Regulation 73/23 and its impact on housing data. 00:00:45 - Data Visualization: Randal Rodger from City of Ottawa on the use of 3D digital twins for urban planning. 01:08 - Digital Twins: Jean-François Dionne from City of Ottawa explaining BIM model integration for infrastructure management. 01:27 - Esri Hub: Frank Goehner on Town of Oakville’s Data Hub and its benefits for data management. 01:43 - Data Co-op: Teema Kanji on centralized data sharing and real-time dashboards for decision making at York Region. 02:12 - Connecting Technologies: Juan Carlos Molina from City of Vaughan on linking existing datasets for better collaboration. 02:26 - Data Integration: Frank Di Palma from City of Vaughan on breaking down silos for improved decision making. 02:42 - Collaborative Efforts: Scott Sterling on achieving housing goals through data collaboration. 03:01 - Conclusion: Reflecting on the power of data collaboration in addressing the housing crisis. #GIS #UrbanPlanning #EsriCanada #Esri #HousingCrisis #DigitalTwin #CommunityPlanning #Ontario #GeospatialTechnology #InfrastructureManagement #SmartCities #UrbanDevelopment #HousingSolutions #HousingPolicy #DigitalCities