How to Prepare for ArcGIS Online Enforcing HTTPS Only

August 31, 2020

As of December 2020, Esri will enforce HTTPS Only for all ArcGIS Online organizations. This important security update is likely to affect some ArcGIS software and custom solutions along with content in ArcGIS Online. This video will discuss some of the ways to prepare your environment and data for this upcoming change.

  1. Show how we can set ArcGIS Online Organization to HTTPS Only (0:55)
  2. Set information banners to inform members that the HTTPS Only transition is coming (2:34)
  3. Use the ArcGIS Security Advisor to query your ArcGIS Online Organization for HTTP references (6:00)
  4. Create a list of users to inform that they should use the ArcGIS Security Advisor to check their own content for HTTP references (12:18)
  5. How to address the issues found by the ArcGIS Security Advisor HTTP Check (14:00)
  6. Using the ArcGIS Online Assistant to help find where HTTP links are in an ArcGIS Online item's json (20:00)
  7. Tips for preparing ArcGIS Enterpise to work with ArcGIS Online after the switch to HTTPS Only (21:22)
    • Configure ArcGIS Server to use HTTPS (22:54)
    • Configure ArcGIS Web Adaptor to use HTTPS (24:20)
    • Update Enterprise content referenced in ArcGIS Online to use the HTTPS URL (25:28)

Getting Technical Blog for the ArcGIS Online Switch to HTTPS Only:

FAQ: What do I need to know about HTTPS Only and the ArcGIS Platform?

ArcGIS Security Advisor

ArcGIS Online Assistant

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